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Denson 10000

Extensive protection from short circuit, clipping and over-temperature is provided and This series of booster amplifiers has power rating of 500, 800 and 1000 Watts


P 110

Input power :25W (RMS) 40 W (MAX). frequency response :250 - 7000 Hz.type :ABS plastic. size :208L X 280B X 166 H. SPL AT 1 Khz. :--------. weight kg. (Approx.) :1.5



18 in. High Power Flying Subwoofer. The VRX918S is a compact, high power suspendable subwoofer system containing a 2268H neodymium magnet, patented Differential Drive®, 18" woofer in a front-loaded, vented enclosure.

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Zak Music Co, has been founded in 1999 in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region of Iraq to develop the art quality, from the beginning we start making relations with all of the media and arts foundations in Kurdistan and Iraq ...

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