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The GB2 is the latest addition to the Soundcraft GB Series, featuring 4 group busses configured as 2 stereo subgroups and an integral 6 x 2 matrix. Intended for installed-sound and Audio-Visual applications that do not require...



Capable of producing extremely high sound pressure levels in spite of its size, BX181A combines with any loudspeaker system, no matter what brand, model or kind, to implement sound performances which are hard to believe....


MVH 58 L

Public Address Systems by Mega can be used in lectures, religious discourses, small parties, yoga classes, field publicity, bus tours, outdoor activities, conference halls, discussion rooms etc.

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Zak Music Co, has been founded in 1999 in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region of Iraq to develop the art quality, from the beginning we start making relations with all of the media and arts foundations in Kurdistan and Iraq ...

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